Our House

Downstairs and Garden. BEFORE & AFTER.

Hey 👋🏻

When we moved into our home 3 years ago, it desperately needed modernising. The pictures i’ve added into this blog are the most recent ones i’ve got. The living room now has the same carpet as the hallway stairs. The driveway has the same black/grey stones which we put down under the planters in the garden.

The living room had an electric fire and wall lights, all on a bright pink “feature” wall. This room expanded 19ft into the dining room, and a 2m x 3m extension which was a bit of a sun room with a LARGE window on the back. We split the room in half so we now have a separate living room and the dining room and extension are now a room for the dogs to live in/separate living area until we take the wall down to the kitchen.

The kitchen used to be bright yellow, which i hated. We painted the kitchen Jasmine White the day after we moved in. There used to be a white plastic(?) sink, a boiler just to the left of that under the work top, the cupboards were white with a plastic wood effect trim with wooden handles. We replaced the oven and hob, changed the worktop completely. The sink was removed and replaced with a stainless sink. We added a washing machine and tumble dryer. Got rid of the boiler and got a new one installed in the loft (the boiler actually gave up. We had no choice but to get rid of that. It was for the best. RIP boiler.) The kitchen is so tiny at the minute, but we’re due to knock the wall down behind the microwave/fridge to open it up into the dining room & extension.

Then we moved onto the hallway. The original carpet in the hallway was like something out of Aladdin. The wallpaper was white patterned, but it was GLOSS white 😱. We pulled up the carpet and installed wood effect tiles leading from the front door to the kitchen door. We also laid a new carpet on the stairs and landing. New wallpaper obviously got put up for a feature wall.

We did multiple things with the garden. When we moved in it was overgrown with shrubs at the back, the shed was on the left. We moved the shed over to the right and cut back all the shrubs, we noticed the back left of the garden got a lot more sun. There was a little strip of grass between the new path outside of the shed door and the old concrete base and we’ve only just decided to dig that up and put planters on there to section the shed off a bit.

Then we decided to do the driveway. Now, the driveway was a good size, we could fit 2 cars on it with plenty of room for both. But my husband likes cars, and neither of us liked mowing the front lawn because it was lumpy and had 2 bushes in the middle of it. It was just a nuisance, so we pulled up the grass, put down some sleepers, hardcore and stones and now we can fit 4 cars on the front, and another behind the gate. One happy husband.

So, other than the dining room, that’s pretty much the downstairs. We took the large window out the extension at the back of the house and added french doors so we can open the room out onto the garden. We’ve not really done much to the dining room except put a TV on the wall and rip up the old laminate wooden flooring. That’s because we always intended to knock the kitchen wall through and open the rooms up to be one large kitchen/diner. We’re going to put the same wood effect tiles throughout the kitchen/dining room, so we’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed that they are the same shade as the ones we had before…

I would do a before and after of the upstairs of our house, however, the only room that has really changed in the small bedroom because it’s now a nursery. It went from being an office, to a dressing room, now a nursery so it’s been used for a lot of things. I might post some pictures of it on another post so you can see what my little ladies bedroom looks like. It’s so cute! I can’t wait for her to actually start using it.

Anyway, that’s enough from me for tonight.

See you later!

Beth 👋🏻

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