Baby Talk

6 months old… nearly!


Olivia is nearly 6 months old now. Only a few more days and we’ll be halfway to her first birthday and ever closed to going to Center Parcs, yay! The time has just flown. I’ve recently been into work and discussed my options about returning to the office in August/September. I’m hoping there’s the possibility to return to work either part time or on a job share. I don’t mind returning to doing shifts, but having set days would be helpful and 4 days a week would be so good, then i still get 3 days a week with my little one! Anxiety is at it’s peak though, just trying to get myself into the right mindset to get a few Keeping In Touch days under the belt. At least that will bring in some extra cash!

Today has been quite a difficult day. Sometimes, arguments happen, sometimes they can be avoided, however, when it comes to family life and hurt feelings, i think things need to be aired. I said in my last post in “baby talk” that i was going to make the most of my days off, and I want that to be with my husband, as well as Olivia. I’m not going to go into detail, but if you’re upset about something, I truly think that you should let someone know how you’re feeling, but be fair, to make something work, it has to be give and take.

ANYWAY, the other reason that today has been difficult is because little one is going through a bit of a phase at the moment and will not go to sleep/stay asleep/sleep deeply (i hope it’s a phase!) So, when i started practicing a bedtime routine, she naturally went to sleep on her own with no problems at 8:30. That was her time to fall asleep and she went out like a light and we heard nothing from her until around 6am the next morning. I then tried to be clever, and thought “surely, if I bath her earlier, then give her her last bottle, she’ll think it’s later and will go to sleep earlier.” So, i started to bring the bedtime routine forward, and bathed Olivia at 6:45pm, bottle at 7pm and bed at 7:30pm. It worked better for me, it gave me and Andy more time in the evening to relax. HOWEVER, Olivia got wise, and she figured out what i was doing, and now she just will not sleep!!

So, going off the times that i said above, I give Olivia her last bottle at 7pm. She’ll have a book and a cuddle and then goes into her sleeping bag and into her crib (We got a new space saving crib by the way, its rectangle, slightly larger than the Moses – suitable upto 3years of age, not quite as big as her cot. Brought it from Mothercare if anyone needs one. Comes with a mattress, absolute bargain.) But, that’s when the problems start… As soon as she goes into her crib, she starts singing, crying, rolling over, playing with the bars. She cries when i leave the room now, i never had this problem before. I could put her into her crib, go and tidy up the bathroom and when i come back into the bedroom, she’d be asleep. She’s just become very difficult! I’ve started getting to the point of leaving the room, when she’ll let me, and standing just outside the door to try and help her remember that she can get herself off to sleep, she doesn’t always need me.

That’s not the only problem though. She rolls over in her sleep, and can’t roll back without a bit of help. So she’s constantly rocking backwards and forwards, trying to get comfy and practicing her new skill. If she’s lying on her back, she’ll be playing with her sheet, scratching and pulling at it. She keeps us awake all hours. It got to the point last night/early this morning where i just laid in bed and stared at her, watching her rolling over and playing with her hands, trying to figure out where my good little sleeper had gone!

I’m really hoping that this is just a phase. I’m also really hoping it’s to do with this weather, she’s not had to deal with the bedroom boing hot before this last couple of weeks. I’m also really hoping that it’s development related. She learnt how to roll over on her “5 month birthday”, and in the last couple of weeks has been rolling over at any given opportunity, but only back to front, not front to back just yet. I’m just really hoping that she grows out of this phase quickly, because it’s driving me crazy and i’m so tired!

I know some babies go through sleep regression, is that what this is? Is it just a phase? Does anyone have any ideas that could help?

Beth 👋🏻

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