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I mentioned in my “Colic Baby” post that I swaddle Olivia. When she was born, I asked the midwife who was with me in hospital her opinion on swaddling babies. Her response was that it’s not necessary, and the “rules” these days are feet to foot (feet to the foot of the bed/cot/moses/crib), tucked in with a cellular blanket upto the chest/armpits and arms out of the blanket. Baby must also be placed flat on their back.

However, when Olivia started showing signs of colic, we tried multiple different products to help her from the inside, it was just one night we decided to try swaddling her and it helped us all so much more than any medicine could.

Don’t get me wrong, she still screamed at night before she settled to sleep (we only swaddled her when she was full on KO’d, it was too stressful to swaddle her when she was on a mad one!) but it’s so much easier to look after and cope with a screaming baby when you have had a good night sleep, and overtime, better sleep seemed to help Olivia overcome the colic… unless her sleeping 8-10 hours a night just helped us to cope with it. Either way, it’s worth a try, you’re not going to lose anything if it doesn’t work.

Here are some products that I think have helped us and Olivia to get to where we are/she is today, I hope you find this useful!


Swaddle/Sleeping bag

This has been an absolute god send! We have this in size 3-12 months, in the pink leaves pattern, and it’s long so Olivia will grow into it. It has 2 small poppers on the shoulder area, so as baby grows and loses the startle reflex, you can progress to having one arm out, then both arms.



Bath products

It’s hard work, and I know it’s not really necessary, however, I bath Olivia every night (unless I decide that we need to have an evening off and we all go for a trip to the local pub or to see family for the evening.) I wash her hair every couple of days. It’s so good to have a relaxing bedtime routine, and i’m really lucky because Olivia loves being in the bath. I use Johnson’s Baby Bedtime, and the lavender scent is so calming for both of us.




This is the bath we use. It’s a 3 stage bath, it comes with a hammock that goes over the top of the bath for newborns, an angled built up section for older babies, and an open area for older babies that can sit on their own at the other end of the bath. (I’m not sure on ages for the different stages. Olivia was too big to use the hammock when we got the bath at around 7 weeks, so she’s always used the angled section. I imagine once she can sit up on her own, she’ll be happy to splash around in the open end.) There’s also a small area to hold soaps and sponges, etc.



These are only a few items that I find help our little one get a good nights sleep. There are others no doubt, but these are the main ones that spring to mind.

We’re in the process of finding a new bed for Olivia because she’s outgrown her Moses basket, so we’re looking for a compact cot that will fit where the Moses basket currently lives. We’ve been trying a travel cot for the last week, which works, but I find that she wriggles around in it too much which causes disturbed sleep for us all.

Hopefully my next baby post will be when i’ve purchased and built a (small) cot, that Olivia will be super comfy in and will last her a bit longer than her Moses basket did.

Beth x

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