About Us

Our Household


Just to let you into our life and who I am and who we are, if you’re interested!

So, my name is Beth, I’m currently 29. I live in Derby, UK. I’m have an interest in cars, nutrition, fitness and animals! If I had a lot more money and land, I would adopt all of the animals in need. Also, I have a diploma in nutrition, so I know what I should and shouldn’t eat and how different foods affect different bodies, however, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a full box of chocolates every now and then and enjoy a few glasses of wine!

Andy is my husband. He’s interested in cars, and like me, if he had more money and land, he would rescue all of the cars in need, in the hope that he might be able to tidy them up and sell them off to someone else, or just keep them in the hope that they will go up in value!

The dogs, Logan & Casper. Logan is a cross, he’s a malamute x husky, black and white, age 5 (6 in April) Casper is a husky, ginger and white, age 4 (5 in October) Both of them are completely different!


Logan is so soft and gentle around the house, he likes to know you’re in the house but doesn’t want to sit with you, he just likes to know you’re there. When we go out, he’s a bit protective, he doesn’t like strangers coming up to us, especially when he’s on his lead.

Casper is just a big puppy! He’s very energetic, very jumpy but likes to cuddle all the time and would sit with us all day if he could. When we take him out, he’s like a train, he pulls all the way and doesn’t stop until we’re back home. He’s full of energy, all day, everyday!

Olivia is our latest addition. She was born 6th December 2017. Our little princess, who is taking up all of my time at the minute. I’m just making the most of it right now!


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