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Welcome Baby

I just wanted to write a post to let everyone who’s never spoken to me or met me, in to a part of my life.

So, this time last year, i was pregnant. At 2 weeks pregnant, i had an idea that i might have been but didn’t want to take a test too soon. So i carried on with my life as normal until i had further symptoms.

In April last year, Andy (the husband), Me, Rachel (the bestie) & Dom (Rachel’s Fiance) all decided we would go to Nurburgring in Germany. (For those who don’t know, it’s a LONG race track, around 14 miles long.) We travelled from Derby, down to the channel tunnel at around 4am, got the train through the channel and arrived in France. From there we went through 4 other countries to hit Nurburg and get to our accommodation.

I went around the Nurburgring at 1 month pregnant!

I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour on April 16th, and i felt poorly. I loved the tour, but i just felt so sick all the way round. I was a “vaper” at the time (on very low nicotine) and didn’t even want to vape. I couldn’t enjoy coffee or tea. I didn’t want to eat anything, even water was a struggle!

I found out i was pregnant on the 17th April, but when i took the test, i knew what the outcome was going to be. I’d had an idea that i was pregnant since about 2 weeks! Even Andy joked about my increase in appetite around that point and i half jokingly replied “i might be pregnant”, and i think he even know that i wasn’t joking. To be honest, i didn’t even get time to put the pregnancy test down before 2 little lines showed up!

Straight after i found out, morning sickness kicked in. I ended up off work because of it, i was crying everyday because of how sick i felt. I ended up at the Hyperemisis Suite at the hospital on a drip because i struggled to keep anything down and was given oral tablets which dissolve into your gum to help with the sickness. It died down by the time i was 10 weeks pregnant. But for a while, i lived off lemon flavoured ice lollies.

In June, we went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. I was about 3 months pregnant at that time… I just looked like i’d had too much food!

We went to Centre Parcs in September. I would have been about 6 months pregnant. We went in the big swimming pool, everyone was loving the slides… I was so desperate to go on the slides and through the rapids, but i knew i shouldn’t. I did go on one of the slides, and gripped my hands to the sides so i didn’t fly down it and hurt the baby. I still dropped out the end pretty quick, and i knew that it was a bad idea. I didn’t go down any others!

I went to my 40 week midwife appointment on 5th December (my due date!), she asked the usual questions about blood pressure, stress, itchy hands & feet, etc. By this point in my pregnancy, i did have swollen ankles and feet, walking hurt – especially after laying down – and i mentioned that my ankles were itchy. When my midwife checked my blood pressure, it seemed to have sky rocketed and she was concerned that something had happened to my liver during pregnancy. She called the hospital and they advised me i should go to the Pregnancy Assessment Unit at the hospital. I was advised to take my bags with me and that there would be one of 3 outcomes.

  1. I would be checked and then sent home if all ok.
  2. I would be kept in overnight for further examinations.
  3. I would be induced.

Andy and I went for our lunch where i started to panic. I think i realised that at 40 weeks pregnant, i really wasn’t prepared mentally to have a baby.

We made our way home, packed a bag for Andy (just in case), mine had been packed for a few weeks by this point. Off we went to hospital.

We got to the hospital at around 4:30pm and I was put on some heart rate and baby monitors. My heart rate had come down, and little did I know, i was already having very small contractions that I wasn’t even aware of. I was told by a doctor after a few hours of being sat on monitors, that the only way to stop the itchiness was to be induced.

It was 10:30pm by the time I arrived in the induction suite. The midwife’s checked me and i was 1cm dilated. I was induced with a pessary and Andy had to leave just after 11pm.

At 4:30am, i woke up in pain and was given paracetamol and oromorph. I was then waking up every 20 minutes having contractions. The midwife checked my heart rate and contractions and timed them every 10 minutes so thought i was further along, but i was still only 2cm dilated.

At 7am, i was in a lot of pain and was given more paracetamol and oromorph and i attempted to eat some Corn Flakes. I was then sick… I wasn’t able to sit still, and by this point, i was offered to move into the labour suite and was put on gas & air. (I still swear to this day, that it did nothing for me!)

Andy arrived shortly after 8am, and i’m sure i grabbed him by the collar and told him “i’m only 2cm… i’ve got another 8cm to go!!!!!” But from there it’s a blur… I went to the toilet at one point and had a contraction so bad that i couldn’t stand back up. I started asking for an epidural at that point. The midwife needed to check me again, and i remember her saying “We haven’t got time for an epidural now. You’re 10cm, and you need to start pushing. Your baby is coming out!” And i can remember more or less crossing my legs and saying “i can’t do it without pain relief!”… But i did!

I was told to start pushing at around 10:30am, and my little girl arrived in the world at 11:53am on 6th December 2017 weighing 8lb 5oz.

Welcome to the world, Olivia Scarlet Nadin.


Pregnancy and labour is not as glamorous as celebrities and TV makes it out to be, however, the end result is absolutely wonderful!


Beth x


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