Oh, hey 👋🏻



First of all, thank you for clicking on my link and coming to my blog.

My life at the moment revolves around a 3 month old, and trying to get into a good routine with her and getting her to grow up happy and healthy! I also have a husband who I love to pieces, 2 big dogs who are bigger babies than my actual baby and a house which we’re trying to modernise.

It’s most likely that you will find posts about me looking after a baby because that’s kind of my job at the moment until I return to work and I get back to normality. But I will also try and post a bit about other aspects of my life, such as products that I use, whether it’s skincare, make up or clothing. There might be the occasional post about the house as well, but I’ll try to keep it varied.

Now that you’re here, why don’t you have a look through some of the posts that I’ve already put up, and see whether it’s something that you might want to stick around for? 😀

I can’t promise that I will update regularly, but I will try!